You've got the perfect dress, the perfect venue, and you've hired the perfect photographer to document your special day (hopefully that's us 😉). But to take those images to the next level and really make them memorable, you need the details! Small parts of your day, that while extremely important, could be lost in all the excitement if they aren't documented separately. You have put so much work into deciding every little detail, let's make sure they get remembered!

Some things you may want to include in your detail shots:

  • shoes
  • perfume
  • invitations
  • florals
  • special jewelry
  • fabric swatches from bridesmaid dresses
  • rings
  • ring boxes

And any other small, sentimental things you may want documented.

To make this even easier on you, have your details gathered into a small bag and put one of your bridesmaids in charge of giving it to the photographer. One less thing for you to stress about on the day of!

Having these detail shots may not seem like a huge deal when the big day is looming, but when a few years have passed and happiness and new life experiences have softened the memories, you'll want to look back sometimes and say "Wow. I had almost forgotten how beautiful everything looked together!" Besides, you worked hard on this day! Let's show it off!