When you book your family session with us, we make it fun and effortless. Yes, it is a ton of work getting everyone dressed, ready, and keeping them clean until the session starts. We can't promise everyone will stay clean, but we do promise that the genuine love your family has for each other will be captured forever!

Family Sessions

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Starting at $350

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Feel free to select the day/time you would like to have your session, fill out the information, and we will get back to you with confirmation once we have checked our availability!

Family Session FAQ

What time should I book for?

We prefer evening sun (golden hour) which is about 1-2 hours before sunset. However, we are happy to work with your schedule.

Where should we do our session?

Consider what you’d like your background to look like and we can go from there. A field? Trees? Country? City?

What should I wear?

1. Wear something you’re comfortable in. Nothing is worse than not being able to sit and move comfortably in some of the poses we might put you in!
2. Absolutely no all white or black shirts and jeans matchy-matchiness (yes we made that word up)! The look is dated and makes you look like a family from the 90’s. Not great!

What colors should we wear?

We recommend picking 2-3 colors that you love and feel good in and go from there. If you have a solid shirt for your partner, find a shirt/dress with a pattern in that color for yourself or your child, etc. Don’t be too concerned with “matching” per se, be more concerned with coordinating with each other.
It’s ok to have fun! If you have a print you absolutely love, build off of that. Consider your children’s ages (if you have any) when picking accessories. You might love that long necklace for the session but if your 6 month old does too, we may spend more time prying it out of their mouths than actually taking pictures.