It's hard to believe, but it's already that time of year!

Even though most of us have just (barely) survived the holidays, now that January has rolled around it's time to start looking forward to spring. And with that comes a huge milestone in your high school senior's life. Graduation! I'll give you a second to grab a tissue, or a celebratory drink, whichever- no judgment here! They say that the days drag slowly but the years fly by when it comes to raising children, and I'm sure no one feels that more than the parent of a senior. You just sent that baby to kinder! How are they already a senior? With that in mind, we want to give you some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to your child's senior portrait session.

Get Sentimental

Yes! They were just in kinder, weren't they? Bring a school picture of them, framed, for them to hold, so you can memorialize how much they really do change in 12 short years!

Personalize It

Whatever your child has spent his or her high school career on, if it's important to them, let us know and we can figure out how to incorporate it into their session! Some ideas of things to bring:

  • Letter jackets/uniform
  • FFA jacket
  • High school ring
  • College acceptance letter/banner (If decided)
  • Medals
  • Trophies/Ribbons
  • Sports Equipment
  • Band instrument
  • Favorite book

Anything they are passionate about, we can work with!

Cap and Gown

If you have it, a cap and gown is always a great thing to bring with you. If you haven't ordered yours yet, someone you know may have one you can borrow, and the numbers that go on the cap can easily be ordered on Amazon.

The Day of Your Session

Bring at least 2 outfits for your senior. A casual one that highlights their personality, and a slightly dressier one. The one they want to wear to graduation is a great choice if they already have it picked out! We want to show off all their best qualities and let the real them shine in the portraits. If they're super uncomfortable it will definitely come through in the session, so make sure they are dressed comfortably to where they can sit, squat or bend down. You never know what we will have them doing! Most of all, let them know that we are going to have FUN. We are here for them during this exciting time and we want them to enjoy this session as much as possible!